ABC COMBAT SYSTEM is a totally non traditional approach to martial arts & weapons defense training that is revolutionary, intelligent and reflexive.

The Science of it works based on one simple principle: It 'anchors' martial movements to the subconscious mind;  making it easy to learn, easy to remember and instinctive to apply.

Sifu Chris Crudelli  has been practicing Chinese martial arts since childhood and lived and trained in China and Asia for 14 years. He is fluent in Mandarin Chinese. During filming for the BBC, he

became influenced by native Thai and Philippine martial arts. After training in various camps there he blended principles and arts from each form. Later studying boxing he became fascinated by the directness of Pre Victorian bare knuckle boxing and these influences also made their way into the ABC system. 

Who Can Learn ABC?

Developed by Chris Crudelli: Award Winning Author, Director & Martial Artist.... The ABC Combat System has been taught to ordinary members of the public, housewives, accountants, laborers and shop keepers, martial art club owners, to the UK's Elite Royal Marine Corps, Ministry of Defense,  Special Forces personnel & professional close protection specialists.

Eureka Moment for ABC Combat System.

During research for his martial arts encyclopaedia, "The Way of the Warrior", Chris uncovered information on a little-known ancient sword fighting system developed by a Japanese master who taught young officers use of the sword based on strokes of the KanJi (Chinese characters which are used in the Japanese writing system). This became the key to linking the system to the subconscious mind. Chris recognized what a powerfully effective method of learning this would be: the often obscure techniques used in martial arts can be difficult to recall in real combat under pressure, but by creating a link with the subconscious mind by involving letters, or characters, from everyday use, the techniques quickly become reflexive. So Chris developed a whole new system of concepts based around 26 simple principles that mimic the modern English alphabet.

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