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"Words are not knowledge but they are one of the most important key's  to being able to transmit  knowledge". I love books, here is what I read or watched recently.  

The Power of Habit:  Why I read this?  It's clear and concise, a powerful 'knowledge' tool kit, for anyone who wants to activate their will power.  

It's not a self help book, but rather a well researched no nonsense case study based compendium of how and why the mind does what it does. Once you understand the lessons here,  you change your bad habits. Or rather..know exactly how to replace them for better ones! 

Brain Maker:  Why I read this?  A good read, to help you understand how correct diet influences gut bacteria. And how they, in turn affect your brain for the better or worse. This is the health science of the future, ignore it at your peril.

Power Vs Force:  Why I read this?  It's a great title, isn't it?   and describes subtle ways to look at consciousness and what drives human behavior.

Meditations on Violence:  Why I read this?  

Same author as above, some gems of wisdom in here. I like this author's approach to writing and explaining the reasons for violent human behavior. Having an understanding of violence and how to deal with it is one thing, but being able to communicate that understanding is key to the transference of knowledge in martial arts.

Gut and Psychology Syndrome:  Why I read this?  I'm dyslexic, and understading how to influence your brain,  ability to perform, learn and educate others, is important to me.

The case studies are clear and well described, it's not one of those 'hope' for the best books, it provides clear case

evidence and formula for self betterment.

New Vitamin Bible:  Why I read this?   I have a copy to hand in my house and it helps me understand what I need and when.

Sayings and Tales of Zen Buddhism:  Why I read this?  

I refer to this on an almost daily basis and keep a copy at my desk for inspiration.

Yojokun Life Lessons from a Samurai:  Why I read this?  

Important lessons that are as relevant today as they were to Samurai hundreds of years ago.

Facing Violence:  Why I read this?  

I was recommended this book by a friend and I love the way the author describes conflict so clearly. You may know it all already, but it's worth a read just for the descriptions used alone.

Stretching:  Why I read this?  

It's so 1970's and yet still so good to read and re read, it even has stretching prescriptions in the back.

'The Way of the Warrior:  By Chris Crudelli

This is the UK version of the martial art encyclopedia I wrote. It visually catalogs and explains over 300 arts, with plenty of insights and behind the scenes info I'd recommend this, partly because I spent 2 years writing it  but also because I still believe its the best of its kind out there.  This copy is the large coffee table type hardback.

The Way of the Warrior:  by Chris Crudelli

This is either the UK or USA version, its a smaller hard back than the above one and is currently in print, it's a later edition but still a great read and the photos are still big enough to be beautiful.

Sekai budoÌ" kakutoÌ"gi daihyakka (Japanese) :  By Chris Crudelli.

My Encyclopaedia, in Japanese. Large edition.

La voie des arts martiaux : Le tour du monde des sports de combat (French):  By Chris Crudelli

My Encyclopaedia in french, Large edition.

Mind Body Kick Ass Moves DVD :  

An oldie but a goodie, this is my first BBC TV series, I wrote and presented it and am still very proud of it. There is some nonsense in there and there is some good stuff in there, I don't Judge so you can.  it is still the widest distributed TV show in BBC Television history, broadcast in over 180 countries, on Discovery and Fox too.

Die Kunst des Kampfes: 300 Kampfsportarten - Tradition, Entwicklung, Techniken (German) :  

My Encyclopaedia, in German Language, Large edition.

(Click on image to purchase through Amazon) 

Bruce Lee striking thoughts:  

Why I read this?

I Love these sort of daily inspiration books and who better than the king of inspiration Bruce himself?


The Art of Happiness:   The Dali Lama

Why I read this?

Clear concise and enlightening, happiness is a choice, it always requires 'mind' work and study, but it is a choice and this book gives good examples of how to master the mind.

Bruce Lee's fighting Method:  

Why I read this?

I read this when I was 13 and just getting into bruce Lee and his philosophy's, some of the training methods and concepts in this book are revolutionary. And Bruce's work inspired me greatly as a kid.

Bruce Lee The Art of Expressing the Body:  

Why I read this?

I read this a long time ago but it stuck with me, Bruce was all about the Art being an expression of one's self, and I think this edition goes some way to clarifying that concept.


Bruce Lee's box set:  

Why I watched these?

I am such a Bruce Lee fan, not just because of his martial arts but moreover the presence and confidence that comes from his art is awe inspiring in itself.

639 minutes of unadulterated 4K Bruce Lee footage. Bruce's entire filmography, Oh yessss.

The Book of the Five Rings

Why I read this?

written hundreds of years ago it's a collection of thoughts by  Musashi, Japans most revered swordsman. he describes how he survived over 60 duels, and what his philosophy is.  Stunning reading. I was so taken by this book I visited his grave in Japan in 2006.

The Tibetan book of the Dead.

Why I read this?

A classic of Tibetan literature.

I came across this when a friend of mine who was dying gave me a copy just before he passed. Its required reading for understanding the Tibetan Buddhist views on death and rebirth.