In this section you can write all about what you or your company do. You want to make it evidently clear to your site visitors what your site and what you or your company are all about. Do you provide a service, or is your site for informational purposes, or maybe you sell a product? If you sell a product, is it a physical good, or a digital good? Explain that here.

Why We Are The Best

Share with the world why you are the best at what you do. This could be the best at providing a service, why your product is the best on the market, or why you are the best at just being you. Sharing why you are good at what you do can instill a sense of security in choosing your site or your product over a competitors. In fact, if you have enough to share, you can make a page outlining all the reasons why you are the best.

News And Information

Tell the world what's new and what's happening now with your life, business, or whatever. This is a good spot to keep your site visitors informed on what's happening now with you or your business. WebStarts empowers site owners to make changes to their own site directly so that you can update sections like this, rather than having to deal with relaying the information to a web designer that doesn't get your vision.

Our Team

An important part of your website is humanizing it. A good way to humanize your site is sharing about your team or staff. You could post images each member of your team, with a description of what they do, and what some of their hobbies are. You could put your team information here, or even start a new page for it if you have enough content.

"Words are not knowledge, but they are one of the most important keys to being able to transmit  knowledge."

'The Way of the Warrior:  By Chris Crudelli

This is the UK version of the martial art encyclopedia I wrote. It visually catalogs and explains over 300 arts, with plenty of insights and behind the scenes info I'd recommend this, partly because I spent 2 years writing it  but also because I still believe its the best of its kind out there.  This copy is the large coffee table type hardback.

The Way of the Warrior:  by Chris Crudelli

This is either the UK or USA version, its a smaller hard back than the above one and is currently in print, it's a later edition but still a great read and the photos are still big enough to be beautiful.

Sekai budoÌ" kakutoÌ"gi daihyakka (Japanese) :  By Chris Crudelli.

My Encyclopaedia, in Japanese. Large edition.

La voie des arts martiaux : Le tour du monde des sports de combat (French):  By Chris Crudelli

My Encyclopaedia in french, Large edition.

Mind Body Kick Ass Moves DVD :  

An oldie but a goodie, this is my first BBC TV series, I wrote and presented it and am still very proud of it. There is some nonsense in there and there is some good stuff in there, I don't Judge so you can.  it is still the widest distributed TV show in BBC Television history, broadcast in over 180 countries, on Discovery and Fox too.

Die Kunst des Kampfes: 300 Kampfsportarten - Tradition, Entwicklung, Techniken (German) :  

My Encyclopaedia, in German Language, Large edition.

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