Many instructors today, particularly in the West, don't fully

understand the art, mystify it or make exaggerated and
misleading claims. Without a doubt the old way of teaching is excellent, but most people are unable to devote 10 or 20 years of their life as a Master's Disciple. So what is left?, for the most part, certainly in the West, is an unusual blend of quasi ineffective self defense techniques and mediocre health & meditative cultivation practices.

Tai Chi, as it was originally invented and taught, is so much more than that. It is both a self-defence art and a hugely beneficial meditative and health promoting art. Sifu Chris Crudelli Studied TaiChi whilst at University in Beijing,  his martial arts master at the time, a national champoion suggested it would help his overall development as a martial artist.

After 20 years of teaching taichi , The ‘Simple Tai Chi’ training method was developed by Master Crudelli to allow more people access to genuine, good quality Tai Chi.

 Simple Tai Chi is a method of learning Yang Style Beijing Tai Chi.  The learning method suited to the modern age and modern lifestyle. 


In his teens Sifu Crudelli became deeply unsatisfied with
second hand hearsay over complicated knowledge and dubious translations of philosophical and ancient martial texts. So he completed a degree in Chinese language and literature at London and Beijing University, learning to speak, read and write fluent Chinese in order to train with and fully understand the real masters' philosophies and arts from a Chinese perspective.

As part of his immersion study, whilst in Taiwan, Sifu
Crudelli spent 2 years as a strict vegan Buddhist and studied meditation in a number of renowned Buddhist and Taoist temples. During this time Sifu Crudelli also took part in a number of extreme and arduous Buddhist pilgrimages, which involved sleep deprivation, physical pain, extended chanting sessions and  climbing mountains on bare knees.

In 1995 whilst apprenticing in medical Qigong at a Beijing Army
Hospital, Sifu Crudelli was introduced to Grandmaster Zeng, head of an Esoteric Chan Buddhist Qigong sect. After an intensive period of study, Grand Master Zeng awarded Chris Crudelli as ' A linage holder' with the 'Seal of Complete Knowledge'.

Sifu Crudelli is known in his own right for amazing feats of Martial Arts, Intuition and Qi manipulation.

Sifu Crudelli has continued to travel the length and breadth
of the mysterious middle kingdom tracking down masters and learning their secrets in person. Combined with filming for the BBC (*Mind Body Kick Ass Moves etc) & writing extensively on the martial arts (*The Way of the Warrior etc) he has over 20 years experience of teaching Tai Chi, both in China and here in the UK.


Simple Tai Chi, like all forms of Taichi and meditation is a lifestyle rather than a fixed end goal.

It is best when practiced every day for life.

However for teaching purposes we first instill the basic form, mindset, breathing and application learning. This can take anything from 1-3 years. 

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