2018 is now open to all individuals and grades who want to forge the Black Belt mind.


The Sunday Club is a highly exclusive Martial Arts training program offered only in the United Kingdom. Created and hosted by Sifu Chris Crudelli and his team. It is a year long set of formal training workshops.

You will be surrounded by a small hand picked group and receive highly disciplined, specific and in depth Martial training for 1 year focusing on the development and application of the technique. You will learn the old way, repeating, breaking it down and applying in just about every way possible.

You will study 'Listening Hands' one of the most important skills a Kung Fu practitioner can develop, you will learn to move, roll & deflect force whilst counter striking from a rooted position without conscious thought. Here the Art of the Martial comes into fruition. Here  you will see and experience Martial Arts and indeed life in a different light.

You will be better prepared than ever to defend yourself. But more than that you will be a master of the technique and therefore of yourself.

The Old School Way

"True Mastery once earned  is worth more than gold, it can not be taken from you."

Training on the face of it will be simple. You will spend 1 year learning Kung Fu with Sifu Crudelli.
You will be trained & challenged mentally in a safe and structured way. From this you will grow,
learn and transform not only your being as a martialist , but also your beliefs and understanding as a Martial Artist.

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Numbers strictly limited.

Sunday Club is held on the very first Sunday of each month.

Time: 10.00-1600.  Midlands UK.

Get in touch for more info or to apply.