Kick Ass Moves

This was the first 10 part BBC TV Series I Wrote & Presented.  The mission here was to show the audience the underground martial arts world.

Paul O'Grady Show

I did a lot of live TV but the POG show is one of my favorites, this one went out live to the UK & the USA. I spoke on my love for martial arts.

Paul O'Grady Show

Paul invited me back on  his show for the second time to talk about my Encyclopedia.

BBC Host and Presenter

Interview Archives


I'm comfortable in front of and behind the camera. I started directing in 2012 and really loved it , since then I have completed a couple of TV series' and Exec'd a Movie.  I like directing because I can really expresses my honest vision of people. places and  stories.

Kung Fu

This was a TV series I hosted and directed, it's my first time directing and as the 14 man crew were all Chinese I directed in the Chinese language which was quite a challenge.  I hope you like it.

Just Released in US and Canada!

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Kick Ass Miracles

On this 6 part BBC series I Wrote, Presented and Exec Produced. My goal was to find extraordinary people who could do amazing things.